Indicator Templates

Creating Indicator Templates on TradingView

Indicator templates are a great way to save, and easily create alerts from strategy inputs that backtested well.

How Create TradingView Indicator Templates

After you have throughly backtested and find the perfect indicator settings for a specific currency pair and timeframe, it's time to save the setup as an Indicator Template:

1) Click the 4 square icon at the top of the chart.

2) Select 'Save Indicator Template.'

3) Type in the 'Template Name' just as you want to see it on the alerts. I number and title my saved indicators for easy reference.

4) Check both the 'Remember Symbol' and 'Remember Interval' boxes

5) Click 'Save'

6) You will now be able to find all your saved indictors in the 4 boxes icon. You can easy click each one to bring up the charts with the saved settings and create alerts that will auto-trade!